Xinet WebNative Portal is a powerful web-hosting application that adds enhanced levels of security, customization, solution architecture and usage control to asset management web sites powered by WebNative and WebNative Venture.

Enhanced Security: Xinet WebNative Portal moves the entry point of WebNative and WebNative Venture to a secure proxy server, outside the firewall. This additional networking layer significantly increases the security of hosted assets and satisfies the common IT requirement for putting web-facing servers in the "DMZ."

Easy Branding and User Interface Customization: Xinet WebNative Portal's template-based architecture delivers maximum branding impact and user experience. The interface can be quickly and easily customized with popular web authoring applications such as Dreamweaver and GoLive.

Flexible Web-Hosting Architecture: Xinet WebNative Portal offers a variety of data hosting and web site deployment options. A single WebNative Portal server can host multiple web sites and connect to one or more WebNative Venture servers. For additional flexibility, multiple WebNative Portal servers can connect to a single WebNative or WebNative Venture server.

International Localization: Xinet WebNative Portal supports: Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.